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Dynamic Promotions in the Google Merchant Center


While Promotions have been a feature in the Google Merchant Center for several years, there’s an exciting update: the introduction of Dynamic Promotions!

Google has launched a new extensive help page related to this new feature: About dynamic promotions.

Dynamic Promotions automatically adjust product prices and create discounts in order to maximize the merchant’s gross profit.

Leveraging the details you provide on the cost of goods sold (COGS), discount promotions, and conversion feedback, Google’s AI-driven price modeling tailors the optimal promotion to present to your customers.

What are the eligibility criteria?

  • Aggregated minimum of 1,000 product clicks a week at the merchant level
  • Conversion tracking and feed configuration set up.
  • Merchant systems must accept and honour Google-selected promotions passed through the URL.

When a user clicks on a product listing with dynamic promotion, there has to be a coupon automatically applied to the original merchant’s price in order to ensure the same price in the product detail.

Currently, only Shopping ads are supported.

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