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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Displaying Merchant Promotions in Chrome


Google has published a new help page article related to showing eligible Google Merchant Center promotions on the Chrome desktop browser.

These promotions in Chrome appear in two locations:

  1. On the Chrome New Tab page, integrated into a new feature that displays recent web activity. This aims to redirect users to your site to complete a purchase.
  2. Within the Chrome address bar, when a user is exploring your website or at the checkout page, assisting shoppers in finding the top deals on your site.

To qualify, promotions should be set to display organically in the US and come with a coupon code that’s free from extra conditions or requirements. Once a promotion meets these criteria, it will automatically be visible on both the Chrome address bar and the Chrome New Tab page.

I haven’t found any screenshots featuring this feature yet so if you can, get in touch!

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