Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News
Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

About PPC News Feed


Numerous information sources are available for PPC specialists, including official tools pages, blogs, social media, Discord, and Reddit, among others.

It’s important for PPC pros to stay updated on new functionalities and upcoming developments. Given the volume of information, keeping track can be challenging.

That’s why PPC News Feed was created. Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News.

PPC News Feed is your hub for the freshest updates in the ever-evolving world of Pay-Per-Click advertising. We sift through the sources so you save time and stay informed effortlessly.

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Who is behind?


My name is Hana Kobzová. I am a PPC specialist from the Czech Republic and founder of the PPC News Feed.

I have been consistently publishing monthly PPC News summaries in Czech on my professional blog since October 2019.

The Czech community has consistently provided positive feedback on the summaries, finding them immensely valuable.

Additionally, I noticed that certain news items labeled as new circulating within the PPC community were in fact several months old. PPC News Feed addresses this gap, serving as a much-needed public archive. This enables PPC professionals to revisit and reference past changes.

How can you help?

Help us to keep up with the dynamic world of PPC. If you find news that is missing here, please share it with us using our Submit news form.

If you have suggestions or feedback to make the PPC News Feed better and more helpful to you, don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact form.

Thank you!