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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Format Preferences For Demand Gen Live


In November 2023, ad format preferences were announced, and an official help page article was also released. The feature is now being launched live for Demand Gen campaigns.

This new tool allows advertisers to specify where their video assets will appear. There are three options available: In-stream, In-feed, and Shorts. 

To utilize this feature, advertisers must create or modify a Demand Gen Video ad, add videos, and enable the “set ad format preferences” slider. It’s important to point out that this feature won’t initially be available in the Google Ads Editor or Google Ads API.

This update grants advertisers greater control over their ad placements, enhancing campaign targeting capabilities.

This news was spotted by Carolin Carvalho da Silva and Thomas Eccel.

Visit the official help page here: Ad format preferences in Demand Gen campaigns.

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