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Share Ad Preview Live for Performance Max


In February, Google introduced a sharing feature for Performance Max. It is now available in select accounts.

This functionality creates a link that leads to a preview page for a specific asset group, showcasing combinations of assets along with the option to review variations across available networks. Anyone with the link can access the preview page, no Google Ads access required.

It was announced a week ago, that this feature will be extended to Demand Gen as well.

Where is the new Share ad preview feature located?

It is available from two locations.

At the Asset group level, click on the three dots and select Share.


When creating or editing an ad you can find the Share icon on the right side next to the devices just below the ad stregth.


When you choose to share a preview, a pop-up window will appear, providing the link. This link can be shared with anyone, as access to Google Ads is not required.


Finally, this is what the preview looks like to a person who opens the link.


Scott Carruthers was the first to spot this feature live. The screenshots were made by Hana Kobzová.

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