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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

News Presented at Google Marketing Live 2023

In addition to Google I/O, there was an official presentation of new products in May, an event called Google Marketing Live. The importance of the event is also confirmed by the fact that it received its own card in the Overview. Screen shared by Vojtěch Audy.


The light of day saw a lot of news. What can we look forward to?

Creating Campaigns with Conversational AI

Creating campaigns will turn into a conversation with AI, which creates the documents and possibly also modifies them based on our instructions. This novelty should start to be tested in accounts from July 2023.


AI will not only help us with text campaigns but also with the creation of graphic materials for other types of campaigns incl. PMAX.


2 new video campaigns

Two completely new types of video campaigns were introduced at Google Marketing Live.

Video view campaigns

The goal is to maximize video ad views. Google combines the following formats here: skippable in-stream ads, in-feed, and Shorts ads.

The study showed that advertisers received an average of 40% more views than skippable in-stream campaigns when using CPV.

A beta version of this type of campaign should be launched worldwide in June.

Demand Gen campaigns

This type of video campaign will want to drive users to take action. It will use the following formats:

YouTube Shorts,
YouTube in-stream,
YouTube in-feed,


Part of the demand gen campaigns will be the possibility of targeting lookalike audiences, i.e. similar audiences based on your own data (e.g. a list of email addresses) or YouTube users. The accuracy level of the lookalike audience is preset and you can choose between 2.5, 5 or 10%.


In addition to the usual measurement of conversions, data from searches or brand lift will also be available.

Editing the ad according to the user’s interest

Thanks to large language models (LMM), AI understands what the user is looking for and offers him tailored advertising. For one thing, it can adjust the ad headline to match the user’s query. The user is looking for cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin, the headline of the ad is adapted to this, and a text is chosen as the description that mentions that the cosmetics are moisturizing.


Can also edit ad extensions, see the following example.


This beta is already available in English. In the course of this year, there will be an expansion to other languages.

Product Studio

This is a new functionality that will be added to Google Merchant. And it will be able to generate eye-catching product photos based on AI, which will be usable not only for Shopping but also for display on the e-shop itself. It will also help improve the quality of the photo.


Google Merchant Next

You already know about Google Merchant Next from January 2023 news. Google said Merchant Center users have doubled over the past two years. For this reason, Merchant Center Next was created, which aims to simplify the connection and preparation of the product feed for small entrepreneurs, and they will gradually add advanced functions.