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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Revolutionizing PMAX with AI-Driven Features via Gemini


Google announced new AI features to Performance Max using Gemini AI model.

  • Performance Max can now generate long headlines and sitelink generation is coming soon
  • You’ll be able to generate lifestyle imagery using Performance Max that shows people in action
  • Image editing with the ability to generate and add backgrounds that feature people
  •  In a few weeks, Google will start recommending new AI-generated assets, including adapted versions of your existing assets
  • A new partnership with Canva that will make it easier to publish images directly to PMAX campaigns
  • Auto-generated video in PMax campaigns now expands to use Merchant Center product images, with video text potentially sourced from auto-created assets for improved quality and relevancy, if opted in
  • Next month, the ability to share previews of your ads from Performance Max via a link that can be reviewed by anyone will be introduced

Asset generation is now rolling out globally in English with more languages to come. Image editing will finish rolling out in the U.S. in March, with global English expansion following shortly after.

Read the official announcement here: Gemini models are coming to Performance Max.

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