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GA4 Updates For Advertisers


Google has announced changes in Google Analytics 4 related to Google Ads.

Advertisers faced challenges due to discrepancies between conversion data in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Google is now rolling out an update to harmonize data across both platforms, facilitating more precise and insightful measurements.

Additionally, this update changes the term “conversions” to “key events” and they will be the same whether you’re looking at it in your Google Ads reporting or in a Google Analytics report.

Google will be rolling support for the Chrome Privacy Sandbox’s Protected Audience API in Google Analytics 4 in the next few weeks, allowing advertisers to continue to reach audiences even without third-party cookies.

In the future, new features for advertisers, including additional conversion reporting and tools, will launch in the advertising section.

Read the official announcement here: Evolving Google Analytics for more insightful measurement.

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