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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Generative AI for Performance Max Rolling Out to U.S. Accounts


Google has officially announced generative AI for Performance Max. It will help managers to generate more assets, such as texts and images.

It is now rolling out in beta to all U.S. customers. Other countries will be added in 2024.

AI-powered image-editing capabilities will be accessible through the Google Ads asset library by early 2024, providing tools to test variations of creative assets at scale.

The AI ensures uniqueness in asset creation, promising that no two generated images will be the same for any brand or campaign. To foster trust and transparency in its use of AI, Google has implemented SynthID watermarks and metadata to mark AI-generated images clearly and is diligently following Google Ads policies.

Read the official announcement here: Get creative with generative AI in Performance Max.

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