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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Google Adds 3PAS Tracking to Performance Max Display Ads


Google is set to enhance Performance Max campaigns by supporting pixel tracking for Display Ad placements, similar to the existing solution for Display campaigns. This update will allow third-party ad serving (3PAS) vendors to track and report on these ads more effectively, ensuring brand safety and providing detailed placement insights.

Key details include:

  • Early Access: Advertisers can begin testing this feature immediately.
  • Full Launch: General availability is scheduled for mid-Q2.
  • Enhanced Reporting: For those already using 3PAS pixels, this new feature will enable third-party vendors to generate comprehensive brand safety reports and detailed insights on ad placements.
  • Consistency Across Campaigns: This update will create consistency between the display portion of Performance Max campaigns and other standalone Display campaigns within the same account.

This advancement aims to provide advertisers with more robust tools for managing and analyzing their Display ad placements within Performance Max campaigns.

This new feature was announced in the episode called The latest innovations in Performance Max campaigns, which is part of the Meet the Expert series.

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