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Conversion Annotations for Product Ads


Google has published a new help page focused on “Conversion Annotations,” which offer social proof to shoppers by displaying sales-related annotations for products. Examples of these annotations include:

  • best selling
  • 1K shopped here recently
  • 100+ shopped in the past 30 days

To enable these annotations, conversion tracking has to be configured in Google Merchant Center under Conversion settings.

To show exact conversion figures, enable “With annotations turned on, you allow Google to use your conversion data to showcase your store’s popularity to shoppers.” If this feature is disabled, conversion annotations will still appear but without specific numbers (e.g., best sellers).

Once enabled, the annotations will appear in both Search results and the Shopping tab. However, the help page does not specify whether these annotations will appear in ads, free listings, or both.

As far as I know, these conversion annotations have not yet been seen live.

Check out the help page article: About conversion annotations.

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