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Price Transparency In Account Settings


Axel Falck spotted a new section under Account Settings called Price transparency.

In a significant move towards enhancing transparency within the digital advertising space, Google Ads has introduced a new feature that promises to shed light on the often opaque world of online advertising costs.

Since March 6, 2024, advertisers based in the European Economic Area (EEA) have access to a tool that not only piques interest but also aligns with the Digital Markets Act’s push for more openness in digital platforms.


Accessing the Price Transparency Feature

To dive into this new feature, advertisers need to navigate through their Google Ads account settings. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Select “Settings,” then “Account settings“.
  3. Find the “Price transparency” section to discover the feature.

What Does This Feature Offer?

With the new price transparency functionality, advertisers in the EEA can now access detailed pricing information for advertisements served to end users within the region. This is provided in the form of a daily downloadable compressed CSV file, revealing insights such as the amount paid per billable advertisement and associated fees.

For those interested in diving deeper, this feature offers the ability to opt-in to share event-level price data with advertisers, enhancing transparency. This means that if both parties consent, advertisers can see the exact amount paid per advertisement, along with detailed fee breakdowns. However, if one chooses not to share this data, it will be aggregated with information from other publishers.

After opting in and agreeing to the terms, the system enables access to the price data file, which can be downloaded as a CSV file within 48 hours.

Points to Consider

While this feature marks a significant step towards transparency, it’s important to remember that the data provided is specific to EEA-billable events. Moreover, the information might differ from other account data due to factors like unadjusted invalid traffic, additional event signals received after file generation, and rounding off monetary values.

Read the official help page: Price data and transparency.

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