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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Ad Groups Using Obsolete Similar Segments May Have Been Paused by Google


Arpan Banerjee uncovered a new notification message showing in his Google Ads account. It is related to Similar segments that have been phased out since August 2023.

It shows:
Paused ad groups due to similar segments removal”
Similar segments are fully removed from Google Ads starting August 1, 2023. If your Display, Video & Demand Gen ad groups are opted into optimized targeting and audience expansion, there’s no action required. If your ad groups used similar segments, some of them might be paused in your account. Please unpause them to continue reaching the right customers. Learn more about the change

In summary, Google could have paused ad groups that were using this segment type. Use “View paused ad groups” button to see paused ad groups in your account.

This news was shared by Adriaan Dekker.

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