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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Google Ads Data Manager Launched as a First-Party Data Management Tool


A new section appeared in Google Ads called Google Ads Data Manager. It was created to help businesses more effectively harness the power of their first-party data, ensuring they can deliver more targeted advertising and achieve better outcomes from their marketing efforts.

Through a unified interface, analysts can establish new data connections, while marketers can apply specific data for conversions or targeted advertising. Previously, such integrations often required repetitive tasks. This tool simplifies the process, demanding little to no coding expertise.

Google is developing connectors to access data from various sources, including CRM systems like ActiveCampaign and Pipedrive, marketing technologies such as Shopify Audiences, cloud-based storage systems, and platforms like Zapier.

It will be widely available in Google Ads by early 2024, Google Ads Data Manager will enhance conversions for leads and Customer Match, maintaining the core functionality of both. Plans are underway to integrate this solution with more advertising products next year.

Read the official announcement called Simplifying the management of your first-party data.

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