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Annual Merchant Center Specification Update

Annually, Google reviews the Google Merchant specification and implements significant updates. What changes can we expect this year?

Changes beginning immediately

  • [structured_title] and [structured_description] – if AI-generated titles and descriptions are used in the product data feed
  • [loyalty_program] – available in US and Japan, for settings member prices and loyalty points
  • [auto_pricing_min_price] – for setting the lowest or Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) to which a product’s price can be reduced. This price is considered for features like sale price suggestions, automated discounts and dynamic promotions.
  • [downpayment] for [installment] – [downpayment] is a sub-attribute of [installment] to specify if the product requires a partial up-front payment.
  • [credit_type] for [installment] – for vehicle ads, it is also a sub-attribute of [installment] to specify whether the type of instalment credit is lease [lease] or finance [finance].
  • [free_shipping_threshold] – available in all countries to indicate the minimum order value above which delivery is free.
  • [shipping] – this attribute has been updated to reflect government-imposed fees in delivery

Changes beginning on 31 July 2024

  • Delivery costs will be required in India and New Zealand

Changes beginning on 1 September 2024

  • [pickup_method] – becomes optional for local inventory ads
  • [energy_efficiency_class] – will be deprecated and replaced by [certification]
  • [price] – removed when used with [installment] and replaced by [downpayment]

Read the official announcement here: 2024 Merchant Center product data specification update.

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