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Your One-Stop Source for the Latest PPC News

Microsoft Launches Insights Navigator


Insights Navigator is a cutting-edge sales enablement tool developed by Microsoft Advertising that leverages generative AI technology.

This tool is designed to provide campaign insights and analytics using AI to deliver high-quality, actionable insights to clients. It offers two primary functions: Category Insights and Query Insights, which provide deep dives into online behavior trends and top consumer queries across the Microsoft Advertising Network.

Insights Navigator is currently an internal tool available exclusively to Microsoft Advertising representatives. It serves to enhance the service provided to managed customers by enabling sales professionals to generate comprehensive Power BI reports with valuable on-demand insights. Clients of Microsoft Advertising stand to benefit significantly from these insights, which aim to improve campaign performance through data-driven decision-making.

Although currently limited to internal use, Microsoft Advertising representatives are encouraged to explore the potential of Insights Navigator and share its benefits with managed customers. Eligible clients interested in leveraging the capabilities of Insights Navigator are advised to contact their Microsoft Advertising account team for more information.

Read the official announcement: Insights Navigator: Transforming our operations with generative AI.

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