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Pause on Hotel Center Subaccounts Deprecation Announced for Microsoft Advertising


Following last month’s announcement, the planned discontinuation of subaccounts in Hotel Center, initially set for February 6, has been put on hold. This decision comes after considering feedback from users and recognizing the need for more time to adapt to Lodging Campaigns. For now, advertisers can continue managing their campaigns via Hotel Center without immediate changes.

However, the push for migration to Lodging Campaigns remains, with a strong recommendation for advertisers to transition as soon as possible to prevent future issues.

Upon migrating, advertisers are advised to set all bids in Hotel Center to zero, effectively pausing all subaccounts or hotel groups, to cease campaign activities.

This move aims to streamline campaign management and prepare users for the new system without abrupt service interruptions.

Read the official announcement here: Enhanced conversions and other updates for February.

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