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Seasonal Themed Templates in Product Studio


Product Studio is rolling out seasonal themed templates to effortlessly create high-quality promotional images in Google Merchant Center for upcoming holidays with just a few clicks.

The magic is the prompt you use. Therefore, Google is creating a library of prompts for seasonal themes.

When generating a new scene, you can create your own prompt or access this new library by selecting “Or start with an inspiring theme“.

Currently, Google is focusing on these occasions:
🍀 St. Patrick’s Day – already available
🐰 Easter – coming soon
🌷 Spring – coming soon
👩‍👦 Mother’s Day – coming soon

Google shared that more seasonal themed templates will be rolled out throughout the year.

Here is the example of the prompt for St. Patrick’s day: As the centrepiece on a white table, surrounded by iconic St Patrick’s Day symbols like shamrocks, green top hats and gold coins. Use a dynamic composition and bright, cheerful lighting; top view.

Read the official article: St Patrick’s Day themed templates available in Product Studio.

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