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Malicious or Unwanted Software policy Divided Into 3 Categories


Google has been sending out email updates about its Malicious or Unwanted Software policy, dividing it into 3 separate categories:

  • Malicious Software
  • Compromised Sites
  • Unwanted Software

Enforcement of these updated policies will start in December and gradually increase over about four weeks.

  1. Malicious Software: This policy now focuses specifically on banning the intentional distribution of harmful or unauthorized-access-gaining malware. This includes any such software hosted or linked by your site or app, and applies to both ads and listings on Google’s network. Violations of this policy are now deemed egregious.
  2. Compromised Sites: This refers to sites or destinations altered or hacked to serve third-party interests without the owner’s knowledge, often to the detriment of users. Ads and listings must not direct to compromised or hacked destinations. Policy violations will lead to a minimum 7-day notice before any account suspension.
  3. Unwanted Software: Ads, listings, and destinations that breach Google’s Unwanted Software Policy are prohibited. Similar to the Compromised Sites policy, violations will result in at least a 7-day warning before any account suspension.

Read the original announcement here: Policy update: Abusing the ad network.

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