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New Microsoft Advertising Interface Is Rolling Out


Microsoft’s new online advertising interface is here, and it’s making waves! This fresh look is stirring up a lot of excitement because it is modern, sleek and fast!

You can’t avoid comparing it to Google Ads’ latest interface, which is also being rolled out. The similarity between the two has sparked a friendly rivalry: Who will finish their rollout first?

In this blog post, let’s explore some of the features of the revamped interface.


The navigation layout closely mirrors the latest Google Ads interface, featuring two vertical menus on the left side of the screen.


Hovering over the first-level menu triggers the appearance of a floating secondary menu for faster interaction.



Microsoft’s AI chat assistant, Copilot, features its own icon in the top horizontal menu, which, when clicked, opens a chat window on the right side. Additionally, it’s integrated into the search bar, and interacting with it also opens the chat window on the right.

Copilot was first spotted in the old interface a couple of days ago.


More screenshots available

Want to see more? Check out this gallery for additional screenshots of the new Microsoft Advertising interface.

I’m impressed by its speed and also appreciate the familiar feel of the interface. What are your thoughts on this new interface?

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